Enabling your workforce with top-notch technologies isn’t just important, but imperative for business success. Our bespoke end-to-end solutions allow your team to work seamlessly and collaboratively in a protected space. No matter which solutions you need, Itakane Digital will be there to support you every step of the way.

RFID Asset Management Tracking


Our Asset Management Solution allows you to monitor location, status and availability in your extended operations; manage your assets on demand by knowing where they are and boost production and make more informed decisions.

Asset Management benefits:

  • Improved tracking: Pinpoint accuracy related to asset movements based on vital location detection information.

  • Increased security: The ability to detect missing assets and locate misplaced assets enables more responsive loss prevention.

RFID Shelf Solution


Our SmartShelf Solution provides inventory information in real-time, with high read-rate and high location resolution. This functionality can be used to detect misplaced items and locate any item. SmartShelf can be adapted to metallic, plastic, and wood-made shelves, of any size and colour.

SmartShelf benefits:

  • Reduction of out-of-stocks and misplaced items

  • Reduction of expired products

  • Fast location of products

  • Calculation of sales per shelf position

  • More efficient vendor-managed inventory

  • Shrinkage reduction

RFID Document Management


In our Document Management Solution, each physical document is assigned a digital record that has location and usage history stored on it. Whenever employees want to check out a file, they can find its location in the document room using our system or the handheld scanner.

This solution allows you to:

  • Find Misshelved Files

  • Classify Files by Category

  • Identify Missing Files

  • Monitor Document Usage & History

  • Monitor Document Workflows

RFID Inventory Management


Our solution performs full inventory management by using a combination hardware and software. It also provides the capability to categorise each inventory item, which is easily and quickly set up to meet the individual company requirements.

Business Benefits:

  •  Identify and locate items faster, more accurately and at reduced overall cost

  • Significantly reduce manual effort and corresponding errors at all stages of inventory tracking

  • Scan multiple inventory items, concurrently, without having to physically separate or segregate them

  • Provide timely and accurate information to support management decisions

  • Provide added security by recording inventory movement and creating full audit trail log

Emergency Vehicles


This solution enables businesses to keep track of valuable assets that are used in the field. Ambulances, for example, carry valuable equipment that are prone to be misplaced at scenes. This solution prevents the loss of these items and can be used across various applications, such as ambulances, power tools, specialised equipment at a construction site etc.

RFID Library Solution


Library Management has never been this easy. Our solution provides a birds-eye view of your library, as well as speeding up tedious processes involved in daily operations. 


  • Detect misplaced books

  • Locate items much faster

  • Accelerate check-in and check-out processes

  • Reduce theft

RFID Tyre Management


Our Tyre Management Solution can automatically visualise and keep track of the flow of tyres, moving in/out of the retreading factory and Km usage on vehicles. The whole history of the tyres can be linked with the vehicle ID and even which side it is being mounted onto.

  • Life cycle management of tyres

  • “Real” data acquisition

  • Accurate data, captured once, multiple uses

  • No paper, no manual errors

  • Inspection & service processes made more efficient

RFID Storage Solution


Our SmartStorage solutions feature a wide range of fully RFID-enabled storage enclosures and containers that are quite different from our shelf solutions, taking the form of steel cabinets, warehouse shelving and office filing cupboards, or purpose-built devices or enclosures designed to accommodate various asset objects or stock items.

Our SmartStorage solutions are purpose-built to take into account the client’s specific requirements. 

RFID wine bottle vineyard solution


Barrel Tracking offers wineries a unique, affordable solution to many of the problems that directly affect their revenue stream - the very real issues of product loss, production inefficiencies and general waste.

Restaurants and wine distributors can also use our Wine Bottle Management solution to monitor their stocks of wine, giving staff more time to focus on the customer. Bottles are kept in smart wine racks: Each time a bottle is put in or taken out, the system is updated on the status of the inventory. Combined with temperature sensors, the system could also make sure wine is aging under the best-possible conditions.

Vehicle identification RFID solution


The ability to identify a vehicle and access information about it by reading its RFID tag is a beneficial for companies like car rental agencies, car dealerships, and even car wash facilities. With the addition of software, these companies can pull up car records or purchases by just reading the car’s unique RFID tag. Rental companies and dealerships could have several cars on the lot that are nearly identical, so the unique RFID tag provides them with vehicle identification without trying to find and compare multiple VINs.

RFID Laptop tracking solution


Our Laptop Tracking solution enables identifying and tracking a laptop, assigning a particular laptop to a particular user, maintaining complete history of laptop users and details of its usage.


  • Monitoring and tracking movement of a laptop

  • Tracking and identifying owners and users of laptop with photos

  • Identifying the deviations from expected location or condition

  • Maintaining the Inventory and history for a Laptop

Laundry management solution RFID


For businesses that require a constant flow of clean linen, uniforms, work wear, medical garments or supplies, our laundry management solution enables automated systems to track large volumes of individual items faster and more accurately.

The RFID tags enable clients to automatically track clothing, linens, rags and other assets for accurate, efficient inventory management and accounting practices.

cattle management solution rfid animal tracking


Our animal tracking solution provides you with a way to better track livestock or identify pets and exotics, as well as laboratory animals. Our hardware is enclosed in bio-compatible glass, resulting in a completely harmless tag for animals including livestock and pets. Our embeddable RFID tags are the popular solution for pet identification. We also offer a line of animal ear tags that are excellent for applications that demand high anti-collision rates.

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