Digital Inventory

Enabling your workforce with top-notch technologies isn’t just important, but imperative for business success. Our solutions allow your team to work seamlessly and collaboratively in a protected space. No matter which solutions you need, Itakane Digital will be there to support you every step of the way.



Our RFID Digital Inventory solution enables retailers to have visibility of their inventory across all stores and warehouses.

Retail Digital Inventory benefits:

  • Increase Inventory Accuracy to >97%

  • Conduct stock takes >70% quicker

  • Increase sales due to a reduction in out-of-stock situations

  • Enhanced shrink management due to inventory visibility, more frequent stock takes and intelligent loss prevention

  • Maximise cashflow by optimising stock levels


Manage your assets, be it anything from office furniture to IT equipment to machinery.

Ensure assets comply with auditing and financial requirements by having products accounted for, manage the movement of assets and accurately manage the depreciation of assets.

Use intelligent hardware to determine where assets were last seen, or to pinpoint smaller assets within office spaces.


Vehicle identification RFID solution


Easily conduct quick and accurate stock takes of vehicles within dealerships, capturing relevant information such as make, model and VIN numbers. Have visibility of vehicles by monitoring key points to determine if vehicles are on the sales floor, in storage, in the wash bay or being serviced.

Enable automatic access control of approved vehicles in office parks or estates, enabling contactless entry.

Manage rental vehicles easily with intelligent solutions to enhance customer satisfaction.

RFID Document Management


Easily manage and locate files withi​n storage rooms, ensuring documents are easily accessible for users.

Enable tracking of file users by allocating files to users, or searching for files in offices when not in the correct location.

Ensure files do not leave offices in an unauthorised manner by controlling access points, alerting staff if files leave.

RFID Library Solution


Conduct quick and accurate stock takes in libraries, easily reconciling actual stock on hand against inventory availability on the library system.

Easily locate misplaced library books by using the find function on a RFID handheld device, steering the user towards the misplaced item.

Use intelligent hardware to enable simple checkout, return and loss prevention processes, enabling plug and play functionality.

Laundry management solution RFID


Manage workwear for your workforce, ensuring the correct sizes are dispersed to the correct workers.

Ensure garments or linen is replaced after the specified number of washes, ensuring your hotels or workwear is always looking professional.

Reduce theft of linen by monitoring exits to ensure no items leave your premises unlawfully.