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Competition in retail is cutthroat, and data-driven businesses have an advantage. Store analytics and insights are becoming an indispensable part of a retailer's operating strategy, providing insights that help develop smarter tactics and increase revenue.

Retail Data Insights

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Sales Forecasting and Demand Planning

Our Retail Data Insights (RDI) utilises Machine Learning and AI to forecast sales quantities for each product, assisting with demand planning to ensure stores are stocked with your customers favourite products. With Digital Inventory increasing inventory accuracy, sales and demand forecasts can accurately determine when to order inventory based on lead times, and what quantities are required for each store.

Sales forecasts can assist retailers in moving inventory between stores to maximise sales based on current demand, maximising profits and cashflow. RFID solutions enable the accuracy for inventory management to ensure your products are available.

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Warehouse Optimisation

We analyse your business processes to determine when and which labour you need for your warehouse based on machine learning and AI. Through smart allocation of warehouse labour, you can fulfil orders on time and curb unnecessary labour costs.


Optimisations help you to make decisions faster, making your business more efficient and your customers happier.