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Adding Intelligence To Inventory And Insights To Your Data

Itakane Digital provides Digital Inventory and Retail Data Insights that empower key decision-makers. We work closely with our clients to form partnerships and implement solutions to enhance and streamline current retail operations.
Our Digital Inventory solution monitors inventory through the use of RFID at store and company level, providing greater visibility through quick and accurate stock takes, enhanced shrink management, and sales upliftment.
Retail Data Insights software suite provides analytical and predictive information to enhance current decision-making processes, providing insights on optimal stock holdings, optimal staff levels, employee performance, and any other measurable KPI.


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Our Digital Inventory solution overcomes some common retail challenges:


Managing optimal inventory levels in a fast-moving environment is both times consuming and challenging, leading to inaccuracies and lost sales


Locating inventory in high-volume environments is challenging and leads to customer dissatisfaction.


Inventory variances due to shrink often remain unchecked until the next stock take, which could be months away. Inventory visibility and enhanced loss prevention help to curb these challenges.




Itakane Health leverages the innovative tech of Itakane ICT to provide solutions across the healthcare and medical sector. 

Key Focus: Health Data Systems (HDS), Infection Control, Health Systems Strengthening (HSS).

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Itakane ICT is a Johannesburg-based ICT company that provides Information Technology, Consulting and Telecomms. 

Key Focus: Artificial Intelligence, Data, FinTech, Internet-of-Things, Payment Platforms.



The Good People Data Company (TGPDC) is a Level 1 BEE company with its Head Office in Illovo, Sandton.


TGPDC is a data company that builds smart systems to digitally deliver full customer vetting and digital onboarding services for a range of industries.

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The EPF is a youth-led NPO focused on solving South African socio-economic challenges through innovative technology.


Key Focus: Water, Energy, Health, Education, Agriculture, Rural Development, Transport, Housing, Unemployment, Safety.


35 Ferguson Road, Illovo, Sandton, Johannesburg, 2196

+27 11 084 1100

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